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About Elwin Robinson, Founder of Feel Younger

Hi, I’m Elwin Robinson, Welcome to Feel Younger!

If you’ve found your way here, you may be struggling with some of the symptoms of Premature Aging, like low Energy, low Mood, trouble Sleeping, loss of Flexibility, nagging aches and pains, brain fog, frequent or chronic infections and difficulty Relaxing…

If so, I can relate!

From a young age I grew up with parents who weren’t very healthy - my mother had Cancer several times, and she ultimately died of cancer when I was 25. My Dad had chronic fatigue syndrome virtually all his adult life. 

Given this, it probably won’t come as a surprise to you to learn that I was also a pretty sickly kid, and because I felt so anxious and depressed, I got into some pretty unhealthy habits. So, by the time I was in my mid-20's - I was a wreck. My hair was falling out, my gums were receding, I was anxious and depressed, sick all the time, had chronic pain, my energy levels were on the floor, and I felt…OLD!

And so began a decades-long journey into the world of “health” - trying a million-and-one things to try to get healthy and reverse my premature aging…

“Elwin and Hana with their faithful companion Shanti”

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Do You Need Supplements?

The simple answer is: the way most people treat it, is it's anything that's not a food or a drug. Obviously, the lines between them are not always crystal clear. There are some things that are classed as drugs in some countries…

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Why Do we Age?

At Feel Younger we’re obviously focused on how to rejuvenate ourselves and feel better… more Youthful, Virile and Vibrant. But, in order to do that, let’s first define what it means to “feel older” so we’re 100% clear on what it is we’re trying to overcome. After all, aging isn’t all bad, it brings experience and wisdom, but that’s obviously not what we’re trying to avoid or reverse.

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How to Feel Younger

Why Should You Follow The Blueprint I’m Going to Show You In this Article? Well, without going into my entire life story, I want to tell you that I do a couple of key things… First, I'm a prolific researcher in the area of health. Second, I’m a huge customer advocate. What do I mean by that? Well, I've been aware of the natural health world all my life.

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