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Experience the detoxifying power of our Chlorella capsules, one of the best supplements to naturally cleanse. This superfood is rich in nutrition, offers potent antioxidant support, and can even enhance your mood. A wholesome addition for your wellness journey.

Chlorella 500mg Broken Cell Wall Algae

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Experience the detoxifying power of our Chlorella capsules, one of the best supplements to naturally cleanse. This superfood is rich in nutrition, offers potent antioxidant support, and can even enhance your mood. A wholesome addition for your wellness journey.

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Would You Like:

  • Detoxification Support
  • Antioxidant Support
  • Gastro-Intestinal Support
  • Improved Immune System
  • Enhanced Nutrition
  • Enhanced Mood

If so, you may want to give Chlorella a try! It has also been shown to:

  • Improve Cholesterol
  • Help Regulate Blood Pressure
  • Enhance Aerobic Endurance
  • Reduce Risk of Anemia During Pregnancy
  • Help with Allergies
  • Have Anti-Aging Properties
  • Promote Eye Health
  • Support Liver Health

What is Chlorella and Where Does it Come From?

Chlorella is a single celled, green freshwater algae [1]. Its impressive nutritional profile has led some to call it a “super food.” While its exact nutrient content depends on growing conditions, the species used and how supplements are processed, it’s clear it packs several beneficial nutrients, they include:

  • Protein: Chlorella is 50–60% protein. It’s a complete protein source, meaning it contains all nine essential amino acids [2].
  • Vitamin B12: Some types of chlorella may also contain vitamin B12, but more studies are needed [3].
  • Iron and vitamin C: Chlorella can be a good source of iron. Depending on the supplement, it can provide anywhere from 6–40% of your daily needs. It’s also a terrific source of vitamin C, which helps you absorb iron [4].
  • Other antioxidants: These microscopic green cells provide a wide range of antioxidants [5].
  • Other vitamins and minerals: Chlorella provides small amounts of magnesium, zinc, copper, potassium, calcium, folic acid and other B vitamins [6].
  • Omega-3s: As with other algae, chlorella contains some omega-3s. Just 3 grams of chlorella contains 100 mg of omega-3s [7].
  • Fiber: In large quantities, chlorella can be a great source of fiber, although most supplements won’t provide even 1 gram of fiber per dose [8].

Because chlorella has a hard cell wall that humans cannot digest, you must take it as a supplement to reap its benefits (broken wall) [9].

Chlorella is also high in chlorophyll – a green pigment that plants use to make energy from sunlight and helps rid the body of toxins.

The majority of Chlorella that is available in the U.S is grown in Japan or Taiwan.

Theoretically, Chlorella simply needs sunlight, freshwater and a few minerals to grow, and therefore is available worldwide - usually found next to lakes with freshwater.

Traditional Use

Chlorella is sold extensively as a supplement or nutraceutical product [10] and is mainly used for nutrition and as medicine.

Chlorella is being used all around the world, in countries such as Japan, the USA, Europe, and more. In East Asia, it is consumed with pancakes, tea and rice.

It is believed to have many health benefits, such as reducing blood sugar and cholesterol, protecting the heart and liver, helping to prevent anemia, supports detoxing, helps combat oxidative stress, may improve mental health and enhance physical performance.

Story of Discovery

Chlorella is believed to have been born around 2 billion years ago, and is thought to be the “source of life on earth”.

Due to its microscopic size, it wasn’t discovered until the late 19th century.

In 1890, A Dutch scientist called Beijerinck discovered a beautiful, small green plant that was just about visible under a microscope.

The name given to this tiny green plant was “chlorella”, in which the Greek word “chloros” (meaning green) and the Latin word “ella” (meaning small) were combined.

Interest in Chlorella production began in the 1960s, when a company in Japan started to culture it on a large scale.

How does it work?

  • Chlorella has been hailed for its ability to help the body “detox”. Animal studies have shown that it’s effective at helping to remove heavy metals and other harmful compounds from the body [11].
  • Chlorella contains several compounds that are considered antioxidants, including chlorophyll, vitamin C, beta-carotene, lycopene and lutein [12].
  • Many sources claim chlorella eases digestion and reduces bloating.
  • Chlorella has been found to enhance the immune response in both animal and human studies. In one study men produced more antibodies when taking chlorella than when they took a placebo [13].
  • Chlorella is packed with nutritional content such as protein, vitamin B12, iron, vitamin C, a wide range of antioxidants, small amounts of magnesium, copper, calcium, folic acid, zinc, potassium, other B vitamins, Omega 3 fatty acids and large quantities of fiber [14].
  • Chlorella contains the highest concentration in the world of the amino acid Tryptophan, which is the precursor to serotonin - a neurotransmitter that helps relax you, reduce anxiety and depression and improves your mood.

People use Chlorella for many things, such as:

Help with Detoxing

Small amounts of some heavy metals, such as iron and copper, are essential for the body to function properly - but they can be toxic in larger amounts.

While it’s quite rare to have dangerous levels of these heavy metals in your body, exposure to heavy metals through pollution or certain jobs, such as mining, increase the risk of dangerously high levels building up in your system [15].

Algaes such as chlorella, have been found to reduce the toxic effect of heavy metals in the liver, brain and kidneys in animals [16].

Chlorella has also been shown to help lower the amount of other harmful chemicals that can sometimes be found in foods, such as dioxin, which is a hormone disruptor that can contaminate animals in the food supply.

This evidence seems to suggest that chlorella may help enhance your body’s natural ability to clear toxins.

Antioxidant Support

Chlorella contains many compounds that are considered to be antioxidants, such as vitamin C, lycopene, lutein, chlorophyll, and beta-carotene,

Some of these antioxidants seem to reduce the production of advanced glycation end products (AGEs), which drive many of the complications of diabetes [17].

A human study showed chlorella supplements increased antioxidant levels in cigarette smokers, who are at a higher risk of oxidative damage [18].

Increased Immune Response

In a trial of 51 healthy participants, Chlorella tablets enhanced immunity. They increased NK cell activity, IL-1beta, and the Th1 response in people who ingested these tablets for 8 weeks [19].

Intense exercise can weaken the immune system. In a placebo-controlled study performed in 10 female athletes, 5 weeks of Chlorella supplementation prevented the decrease in immune function (measured by salivary immunoglobulin A) during a training camp [20].

Another study of 15 men, revealed that salivary IgA was increased in participants when they ingested Chlorella tablets for 4 weeks [21].

A study of 35 pregnant women showed increased IgA levels in the breast milk of women that consumed Chlorella for 6 months before giving birth. Higher levels of IgA in breast milk helps reduce the risk of infection in nursing infants [22].

Chlorella protected mice from E. coli and Listeria monocytogenes infection in two animal trials [23].

In mice, Chlorella counteracted the effect of a chemotherapeutic drug (Cyclophosphamide) that suppresses the immune system by recovering NK cell function and increasing Th1 cytokines (IL-2, IL-12, TNF-a, IFN-y) [24].

Why Try Feel Younger® Chlorella 500mg Broken Cell Wall Algae?

Our Chlorella capsules are high quality, high purity, all natural, vegan and vegetarian friendly and do not contain any nasty fillers or binders.

Here at Feel Younger we believe in providing high doses at reasonable prices. Our Chlorella capsules contain a 500mg dosage, and will cost no more than $24, with multiple bottle discounts and subscription savings available.

How do you take it?

Take one capsule twice a day, with water - preferably 20-30 minutes before a meal.

Any cautions?

Chlorella is generally recognized as safe by the FDA, but some people may experience side effects such as nausea and abdominal discomfort.

ALWAYS consult a healthcare professional before taking any new supplements.

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