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Rebalance, rejuvenate and reduce symptoms of gynecomastia with our Natural PCT Formula.

Crafted to aid your body's recovery, maintain hormonal balance and manage estrogen levels, this formula offers a natural approach to post-cycle therapy, ensuring your wellness after a cycle of intense physical activity or supplementation

Natural PCT Formula for Hormonal Support

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Rebalance, rejuvenate and reduce symptoms of gynecomastia with our Natural PCT Formula.

Crafted to aid your body's recovery, maintain hormonal balance and manage estrogen levels, this formula offers a natural approach to post-cycle therapy, ensuring your wellness after a cycle of intense physical activity or supplementation

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Would you like to…

  • Return Hormonal Balance to Your Body
  • Support Your Body In Estrogen Detoxification (Lowering Estrogen Levels)
  • Reduce Gynecomastia
  • Combat Erectile Dysfunction
  • Boost Your Fertility
  • Improve Your Mood

If so, you may want to give our Natural PCT Formula for Hormonal Support a try!

Along with the benefits listed above, you may also experience a whole host of other benefits, such as:

  • Lower Blood Pressure
  • Cholesterol Level Support
  • Improved Brain Health
  • Blood Sugar Regulation
  • Better Bone & Joint Health
  • Anti-inflammatory Support
  • Antioxidant Support
  • Lower Stress Levels
  • Protection for Your Prostate
  • Liver Protection

Why is it important to Support Your Hormone Levels?

Generally speaking, testosterone is known as the “masculine hormone”, and estrogen (or estradiol) is known as the “feminine hormone”.

While estrogen is necessary for the male body to function properly, excess levels can cause a whole host of problems, such as:

  • Enlarged breast tissue (gynecomastia)
  • Infertility
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Low mood

If a man has excessive estrogen levels along with low testosterone levels then these symptoms can be enhanced, as well as a variety of different problems developing, such as:

  • Low sex drive
  • Loss of muscle mass
  • Fatigue
  • Obesity
  • Loss of body or facial hair

Excessive estrogen can also be an issue for women in certain situations.

What can cause excess levels of Estrogen?

There are many factors that can lead to excess levels of estrogen, including:

  • Certain antibiotics, medications and other pharmaceuticals
  • Hypogonadism (and other problems that can lead to hormone imbalances)
  • Excess weight/obesity
  • Liver problems
  • Stres
  • Poor diet, and particularly eating: soy, fruit and veg sprayed with pesticides, plastic containers, styrofoam and water bottles
  • Aging
  • Fabric softeners, detergents, most shampoos and lotions
  • Inhaling xenoestrogens from gasses of chemicals from many things, such as: paint, fuel, lubricants, packing materials, plant fertilizers, carpets, printers & copiers, air fresheners and more.

Can you test the levels of estrogen in your body?

There are a few different ways that you can test the levels of estrogen in your body:

  • A blood test that needs to be done at your physician's office
  • A 24 hour urine test - your physician will give you a container to collect all of the urine you pass within a 24 hour period.
  • A saliva test - this can be done at home. Contact your physician for the next steps.

The Top 10 Ways to lower the estrogen levels in your body:

Whether you have a little extra estrogen, or excessive levels of estrogen - or simply just suspect it… here’s the top 10 ways you can reduce estrogen in your body:

  1. Eat an Organic, clean and nutrient dense diet. Pesticides are known to be EDCs (endocrine disrupting chemicals interfere with the endocrine system that controls hormone production in your body). EDCs can have an estrogenic, antiestrogenic, androgenic or antiandrogenic effect.
  1. Limiting your exposure to pesticides may help to decrease concentrations of estradiol and the suppression of testosterone production in your body [1].

    There are concerns over soy (that contain phytoestrogens) raising estrogen levels in men [2], so it’s probably best to avoid soy products.

  2. Reduce your stress. Although hormone production is not solely linked to the HPA axis (how your body copes with stress), extreme or prolonged stress can cause an imbalance of hormones, and can either suppress or encourage the production of testosterone and/or estrogen.

    There are many ways to reduce your stress, such as meditation and breathing exercises. You can also try supplementing with our Serenity Anti-Stress Support, Saffron and 5 HTP products.

  3. Lift some weights. Lifting weights has been proven to raise testosterone levels, helping you along the way to balancing your hormones [3].

  4. Lose some weight. Eating a clean, organic and nutrient dense diet (1st point) will help to normalize your weight over time. Being overweight can be linked to increased levels of estrogen [4].

  5. Avoid certain medications. There are many antibiotics, medications and other pharmaceuticals that contain estrogens - ampicillin for example. Taking these medicines will increase your estrogen levels significantly, countering any efforts you’re making to lower them.

  6. Limit your exposure to microplastics. To create plastics, EDCs are used as additives in the process. Limiting your exposure to microplastics can help to return hormonal balance to your body [5].

    Things you should try to avoid are: foods wrapped in plastic, plastic tupperware, plastic bottles, eating out of styrofoam (or any type of plastic) - especially when hot, which causes plastic to literally melt into the food… nasty!

  7. Limit your exposure to xenoestrogens. A man made chemical that mimics estrogen - these chemicals disrupt hormonal balance in our bodies.

    Things to avoid: synthetic fragrances and perfumes, air fresheners, aerosol sprays, scented candles, laundry detergents, fabric softeners, household cleaning products… Hopefully you can see the recurring theme here - anything that smells nice and is synthetically made. Natural fragrances are fine.

    You’ll also need to steer clear from the smell of new carpets, printer & copier ink, paint, packing materials, artificial lubricants, fuel, plant fertilizers and more. Anything that emits these man made fumes contains xenoestrogens [6].

    If you absolutely have to use cleaning chemicals, for example, consider using a mask to stop inhalation of the fumes, and leave windows and doors open.

  8. Take a test for hypogonadism (especially if you have diabetes). You could be experiencing symptoms of hypogonadism, as opposed to excess levels of estrogen in your body [7].

  9. Arrange a liver test. Cirrhosis of the liver is when scar tissue builds up as a result of liver damage. Estrogen concentration in cirrhotic patients is thought to increase by fourfold [8].
  1.  Support your body with the nutrients and minerals it needs to boost testosterone and protect your liver as it removes excess estrogen in your body:

Indole-3-carbinol. Found in cruciferous vegetables such as cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli and kale - indole-3-carbinol can help to balance estradiol levels, while aiding estrogen detoxification [9].

Chrysin. A flavonoid found in honey and mint - chrysin has been shown to possess aromatase (plays a crucial role in the biosynthesis of estrogens) inhibiting qualities [10]. Aromatase converts testosterone into estradiol.

Resveratrol. Resveratrol can bind to estrogen receptors which has a balancing effect on estrogen levels [11].

Fenugreek. Has been shown to increase testosterone in men, and can help to reduce body fat [12] and therefore, aromatase (higher levels of body fat is associated with increased levels of aromatase).

Tongkat Ali. Can block aromatase [13] and has been shown to increase sperm quality in mice by reversing the inhibition of testosterone production caused by estrogen [14].

3-4-Divanillyltetrahydrofuran. A compound present in stinging nettle roots (urtica fissa) - 3-4-DVT has been shown to increase the activity of testosterone in cell cultures [15].

Milk Thistle. Contains a compound called Silymarin which acts as an antioxidant and can provide protection to the liver. Silymarin has been used to treat a whole host of liver problems [16]. Excess estrogen levels can lead to liver problems [17].

N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine. Has hepatic (liver) protective qualities and has been used as an effective drug to treat liver disorders [18].

Introducing Feel Younger® Natural PCT Formula for Hormonal Support

We understand that it’s not always easy, nor practical to implement a variety of lifestyle changes - especially all at once.

We’d advise that you make as many of those changes listed further up the page as possible, but do so 1 or 2 at a time, make sure they stick and then move onto more.

In the meantime, you can support your body with the essential nutrients and minerals it needs that can help you to restore hormonal balance and reduce the estrogen levels in your body.

That’s why we’ve included the above ingredients in our Natural PCT Formula for Hormonal Support.

By combining all of these ingredients together into an easy to swallow capsule, we’ve taken the stress out of buying each of these ingredients separately, researching and experimenting how much of each you should take and then incorporating them into your diet/supplement regime.

Here at Feel younger, we believe in providing strong doses at reasonable prices. Our Natural PCT Formula for Hormonal Support capsules are antibiotic free, gluten free, all natural, sugar free, hormone free, lactose free and contain no nasty binders. Each serving contains a 912 mg daily dose, and will cost you no more than $24, with discounts available on multiple bottle and subscription purchases

Any Cautions?

In very rare cases some people may experience nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, indigestion, bumps, hives or itchiness.

Avoid this product if you are taking cancer medications due to its Chrysin content.

If you are allergic to Asteraceae plant family, have diabetes, estrogen-sensitive conditions or bleeding disorders, or are taking blood thinners, blood pressure medications, diuretics, or lithium you should speak with your physician before taking this product.


ALWAYS consult a healthcare professional before taking any new supplements.

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