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About elwin robinson, founder of feel younger

Feel Younger was founded by Elwin Robinson to empower committed and self responsible people with the Science Based Tools they need to Feel Younger and Improve their Health and Wellness.

Elwin first became interested in Health and Anti Aging because he experienced many health challenges throughout his life: including Chronic Fatigue, Chronic Pain, Malnutrition, Hypothyroidism, IBS, and Recurring infections such as SIBO, Candida and Sinusitis, which made him feel way older, than he actually was.

When conventional medical practitioners were unable to help him he set out, in desperation, to learn how to help himself.

Working out how to improve, and eventually resolve these issues led to a lifelong interest in Health, Energy and Wellness - both in terms of:

  • The true causes of premature aging and it’s symptoms

And also…

  • How to actually feel younger, healthier, happier and stronger than before

Over the past 20+ years, Elwin has:

  • Researched and done many different health practices…

  • Taken countless herbs and supplements…

  • Visited many different kinds of acclaimed health practitioners from all over the world…

  • Read thousands of books and research articles…

  • Attended dozens of seminars, workshops, retreats and symposiums that teach about…

  • Health and Wellness, and…

  • Been trained and certified in numerous modalities

But the real breakthrough happened when he came to fully understand how big an impact Genetics has on health, and how helpful it is to know your Genetic Predispositions…

…and then follow a Health and Wellness Strategy that minimizes your Genetic ‘Weaknesses’ while making the most of your Strengths. 

This Genetics based approach to health and wellness was a massive turning point, leading to real lasting progress, all of which made him passionate about:

  • Sharing it with everyone who’s committed to feeling Younger and Healthier


Although the insight into Genetic individuality - and how to use that information to devise treatment plans that actually work - was the true turning point in Elwin’s health journey… it was only the beginning in reclaiming his health, and on the way he found he also had to gain a deep understanding in the following areas:

  • Finding and resolving Nutritional Imbalances, which he calls ‘Optimizing levels of Building Blocks’

  • Finding Toxicities that build up in the body and then supporting the body in removing them as harmlessly as possible (in his case this meant detoxifying very high levels of lead in his blood)

  • Optimizing levels of Hormones, Neurotransmitters and other Peptides that are necessary in order for a person to actually feel good and enjoy life - without using any addictive or damaging substances

  • Improving Lifestyle by optimizing key factors such as posture, sleep/wake cycle and exercise

  • Addressing and Resolving long standing Chronic Infections - such as gum disease, foot fungus, UTIs, Sinusitis and SIBO (small intestine bacterial overgrowth)

And perhaps most importantly…

  • Becoming more aware of Feelings and learning to express Emotions honestly, and with Compassion for self and others

Although Elwin had a lot of support along the way, he realized that there was no one out there teaching all these things at once, in a systematic way, which is why it took him such a long time to get better… because practitioners kept failing to realize the importance of at least one of the above essential factors to Feeling Younger and Healthier, and therefore: they also kept failing to address them.

This lead him to create The 7 Step Rejuvenation Blueprint, which you can learn more about HERE, and The Rejuvenate Podcast which teaches the whole system to people for FREE (as well as showing its application in all kinds of real world scenarios, while also talking about other powerful, cutting-edge tools that you can use to optimize your Health and Wellness and reduce Premature Aging)

At the age of 42, Elwin’s happy to say that he feels a lot healthier and stronger than ever before, and also has more ENERGY than he ever did in his 20s. So although it’s been a long struggle to get to this point, discovering and implementing all 7 Steps of his Rejuvenation Blueprint has been well worth it.

Ultimately, Feel Younger® was created as a way to share some of the Nutritional Tools that are recommended within The Genetic Insights Wellness Reports, and on The Rejuvenate Podcast.