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Boost your confidence and nourish your hair, skin, and nails with these easy-to-swallow capsules to promote glossy hair, radiant skin, and strong nails. Embrace your natural allure with this essential addition to your daily regimen.

Hair Skin and Nails Vitality Formula

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Boost your confidence and nourish your hair, skin, and nails with these easy-to-swallow capsules to promote glossy hair, radiant skin, and strong nails. Embrace your natural allure with this essential addition to your daily regimen.

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Would you like…

  • Shinier, Thicker, and Stronger Hair
  • More easily Combable Hair
  • More Elastic, Smoother, and Softer Feeling Skin
  • Stronger and Less Brittle Nails
  • Less Flaky Skin
  • Reduced Acne
  • Increased Confidence

If so, you may want to give our Hair Skin and Nails Vitality Formula a try!

Plus, as a Bonus, the combination of ingredients (listed further down this page) may also give you other benefits such as:

  • Healthier Bones
  • Reduced Anxiety & Improved Mood
  • Increased Metabolism & Better Energy Levels
  • Immune System Support
  • Anti-Inflammatory Support
  • Reduced Oxidative Stress
  • Improved Eye Health
  • A Healthier Heart

Why is it important to support your Hair, Skin and Nails?

It’s incredibly important to keep the condition of your hair, skin and nails in good health for a variety of reasons, other than the most obvious: because healthy skin hair and nails makes you look a lot better!

For instance, did you know that having healthy hair can be a good overall indicator of your general health. When your hair is vibrant and healthy, it’s a good sign that you have enough nutrients in your body for the many processes that happen within you to work optimally.

When you have healthy hair that is shiny, smooth, has good elasticity, hardly sheds and detangles easily - you will be more confident, which will help you to live a more fulfilling life.

Our skin is the largest organ of our body and protects us in many ways:

  • Forms a barrier and protects our nerves, blood vessels, muscles and bones, as well as everything else inside our body, preventing bacteria and other foreign objects from getting inside
  • Nerves on the skin are the reason we can feel. Without nerves, we would not know what is dangerous to our bodies and life (pain).
  • Extreme temperatures are damaging to our bodies, and nerves help us to know what is too hot, or too cold and our skin helps regulate body temperature by sweating when we are too hot, and keeps valuable warmth in when it’s cold.
  • Our skin protects us from ultraviolet light that damages cells.
  • Vitamin D is produced by healthy skin when directly exposed to the sun. Vitamin D is crucial for many bodily functions, such as regulating levels of phosphate and calcium in our body (that are crucial for healthy bones, muscles and teeth), as well as facilitating normal immune function.

Our nails are also crucial to overall health and wellbeing. We use our hands every day and the nails act as a hard outer covering which enables us to grip things tighter, scratch itches, pick bugs off us, perform tasks that require digging and provide an additional barrier for entry to bacteria that is dangerous to our bodies.

The cuticle (area of skin above the bottom of your nail) also acts as a barrier for where the nail meets your fingers or toes, again - to stop dangerous bacteria entering our body.

Not only is this layer of protection vital for our bodies - healthy nails also boost your confidence.

Poor nail health can also be a reflection of your overall health. Nails are made from keratin (the same as skin) and if your body is not able to produce healthy skin cells (hormonal imbalances or vitamin deficiencies) the first sign is usually in your nails.

What Causes Unhealthy Hair, Skin & Nails?

There are a variety of different factors that can contribute to poor hair, skin and nail health, such as:

  • Poor Diet. For healthy hair and skin, you need a variety of nutrients [1], vitamins and minerals… and for nails, especially Zinc.
  • Stress. Many studies have been conducted on how stress affects hair growth and loss [2]. Stress can also adversely affect your skin (acne outbreaks and increased severity) as well as causing pitting, ridging and shredding of your nails.
  • Dryness. Too much heat or sub-optimal weather conditions such as low humidity and dry/hot weather can cause your hair to damage and break.
    This is especially more common today (especially in women), because of products that use heat to style hair (straighteners, curlers etc.). This extreme heat causes damage to the cuticles and causes hair damage and breakage.
  • Overexposure to moisture. Washing your hair strips your scalp of the natural oil (sebum) that keeps your scalp and hair healthy, moisturized and protects from oxidative damage from the elements.
    Too many long, hot showers can also dry your skin out and frequent contact with moisture or chemicals, such as cleaning products, washing up liquid or nail polish and remover.
  • Smoking. Cigarette smoking and the causative effects it has on our hair skin and nails has been studied heavily. Smoking affects several biophysical characteristics of the skin [3].
  • Rubbing your hair with a towel. There’s a natural tendency to rub your hair when it’s wet - however, this is when your hair and scalp are in their most vulnerable state.
  • Excessive brushing and combing. There’s a common myth that 100 strokes with a brush a day is essential for hair health… however - this is not the case. Excessive brushing and combing can lead to further hair loss [4]
  • An underactive thyroid. The thyroid plays a part in many bodily functions, and hair growth is one of them.
  • Repeatedly pressing too firmly with your nails. This can cause the ends of your nails to become damaged, and can even cause the nail to come off.
  • Underlying conditions. Your nails can be the first to experience symptoms if there is something else going on in your body.

How can you tell if your Hair, Skin and Nails are healthy, or if they need some support?

Healthy hair should be smooth and shiny in appearance with good elasticity, doesn’t shed many strands and has minimum breakage, easily detangles and doesn’t frizz much in humid conditions.

Healthy skin doesn’t feel dry after washing, feels and stays hydrated/moisturized, is flake free and doesn’t get sun spots.

Healthy nails are smooth without pits or grooves, are a healthy pink color (not yellow, black etc.) and have no white spots, clubbing, mees’ lines or dark bands below the tips.

How to improve your hair, skin & nails

There are many things you can change in your lifestyle that can improve the health of your hair, skin and nails.

  • Eat an organic diet, with lots of nutrient dense foods
  • Improve your mental state and reduce stress. Meditation is a great way to do this [5], as well as taking natural supplements that can help increase your mood, such as our 5 HTP, Serenity Anti-Stress Support, Saffron Pure Extract OR Organic Ashwagandha with Black Pepper
  • Stop smoking
  • Arrange a thyroid test
  • For hair - limit use of straighteners, and other heat induced devices, don’t wash too regularly, brush too often, tie back too tight or rub your hair with a towel to dry it. Get a haircut at least 3-4 times a year.
  • For skin - shower or bathe once a day and always wash after exercise. Don’t use tanning beds or fake tan products.
  • For nails - wear gloves when washing the dishes or handling chemicals and don’t use your nails for tasks that require pressure.

We appreciate that making all of these lifestyle changes can be challenging, and it’s always best to make a couple of changes at a time and take a step-by-step process to leading a healthier lifestyle to benefit your hair, skin and nails.

Listed below are vitamins and minerals that can help you achieve your goal of healthy hair, skin and nails:

Vitamin A - Vitamin A is essential for cell growth, and can help to maintain surface tissues (such as skin) [6].

It is a powerful antioxidant and helps to protect your body from free radicals that create oxidative stress [7].

Vitamin C - Vitamin C can’t be produced by the body, yet it has been linked to many impressive health benefits. It plays a key role in connective tissue healing, and is vital in the production of collagen [8].

Collagen is a protein that helps give integrity, strength and shape to many tissues such as fingernails, hair and teeth [9].

Vitamin c deficiency can cause brittle nails and slowed nail growth [10] and its antioxidant properties means it aids in UV radiation protection [11].

Calcium - Calcium deficiency can slow nail growth, and the first signs of a deficiency may be shown in the nails [12].

Iron - Iron aids in the production of hemoglobin (a type of protein found in red blood cells). Hemoglobin carries oxygen to cells and helps them to repair and grow, including cells that help your hair grow [13].

This means that iron also plays a crucial role in skin healing and repair [14], and helps to minimize the appearance of bruises [15].

Vitamin D3 - Keratinocytes are cells in the skin that process keratin, which is a protein found in hair, skin and nails - metabolize vitamin D [16]

When there’s a deficiency of Vitamin D in your body, hair follicles can’t regulate hair growth and shedding efficiently.

Vitamin D has been shown to potentially improve mood and sleep, which will lower stress. Stress can be linked to hair loss, so good levels of vitamin D are essential [17].

Vitamin E - Vitamin E is another powerful antioxidant that can help reduce free radicals and oxidative stress (which has been linked to hair loss). A lot of hair products use vitamin E because it can make hair younger looking and more manageable.

A study on people struggling with hair loss supplemented with vitamin E and showed improved hair growth [18].

Vitamin B1 - Vitamin B1 (thiamine) is essential for cellular functions, production of energy and works as an antioxidant.

It has been shown in studies to help reduce oxidative stress [19]. This means that it can help protect the scalp, hair and nails from UV radiation.

Vitamin B6 - Vitamin B6 is needed to create neurotransmitters that regulate emotions, such as dopamine and serotonin [20]. Therefore, it can help improve your mood and lower stress levels, which in turn can reduce hair loss.

Folate - Folate or Folic acid is mainly responsible for the healthy growth of cells found in your skin tissues (including hair and nails).

Vitamin B12 - Vitamin B12 also plays a role in cell production, and adequate levels promote healthy hair, skin and nails. Vitamin B12 deficiency can also cause a variety of problems, such as nail discoloration [21].

Biotin - Your body needs Biotin to produce keratin (a protein that makes up your hair, skin and nails) [22]. Deficiency can cause brittle nails and uncombable hair.

Vitamin B5 - Vitamin B5, or pantothenic acid plays a key role in helping our bodies to maintain good health.

It is well known for its role in maintaining good health of skin, hair and eyes [23].

Magnesium - Magnesium is involved in protein synthesis in your body, which is required for nail growth [24].

Zinc - Zinc is responsible for many reactions in the body, such as the division and growth of cells.

Because nails are of keratin (a type of cell that divides and grows quickly), zinc is needed to promote the healthy growth of nails [25].

Manganese - Manganese is responsible for producing proline (an amino acid) which is needed to form collagen, which helps with wound healing in skin cells [26].

Potassium - Potassium improves cell renewal in your scalp by stimulating dormant hair follicles [27].

Horse Tail Extract - Horsetail contains many compounds that can be beneficial to health, including antioxidants and silica [28].

Silica (made from oxygen and silicon) is the compound that is believed to be beneficial for your hair, skin and nails [29].

Bamboo Extract - Another herb that contains silica, bamboo also possesses many qualities that can be beneficial to overall health [30].

Introducing Feel Younger® Hair Skin and Nails Vitality Formula

By combining the ingredients listed above in an easy to swallow capsule - we’ve taken the stress out of buying each of these ingredients separately, researching and experimenting how much of each you should take and then incorporating them into your diet/supplement regime.

Here at Feel younger, we believe in providing strong doses at reasonable prices. Our hair skin and nails vitality formula capsules provide a 826.5 mg daily dose, consisting of the following ingredients:

Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Calcium, Iron, Vitamin D3, Vitamin E, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B6, Folate, Vitamin B12, Biotin, Vitamin B5, Magnesium, Zinc, Manganese and Potassium

Combined with the above, we’ve added our proprietary blend of the following ingredients to help you potentially achieve your goal of healthy hair, skin and nails:

PABA, L-Tyrosine HCI, Horsetail Extract, Fo-Ti, Bamboo Extract, Nettle Root, Peony Root, Spirulina, Saw Palmetto, Plant Sterols, Alfalfa.

Our hair skin and nails vitality capsules are high quality, high purity, antibiotic free, gluten free, hormone free, lactose free and contain no nasty binders.

A one month’s supply will cost you no more than $22, with discounts available for multiple bottle or subscription purchases.

How Do You Take Feel Younger® Hair Skin and Nails Vitality Formula?

Take 2 capsules once a day with food.

For optimal results, we recommend you take this product, and make as many of the lifestyle changes we listed above as possible.

Any Cautions?

Do not take this supplement within at least 1 hour of taking any medications.

People with conditions that increase risk of iron accumulation in the body should not take this supplement.

Do not take this supplement alongside other manganese supplements unless you regularly test your manganese levels.

ALWAYS consult a healthcare professional before taking any new supplements.

Scientific References

Antibiotic Free
Gluten Free
Hormone Free
Made in the USA
No Binders
Lactose Free

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