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Why should I take Feel Younger® supplements?

Take Feel Younger® supplements to optimise your human performance on every level. Start with Feel Younger® NutriGenesis® Multi formulas for men and for women, which feature bioavailability-enhanced NutriGenesis® vitamins and minerals for healthy biological function across all body systems.

What is Human Performance Optimisation?

Human Performance Optimisation is Feel Younger®’s ultimate mission: The belief that humans can leverage the vast untapped power of natural and synthetic nutrients to transcend their current mind-body limitations and achieve a higher state of overall biological function.

How are Performance Lab® supplements different from other products on the market?

Feel Younger® is the evolution of nutrition: A new take on supplementation designed to unlock next-level human performance. To realise this goal, Feel Younger® extensively researches, tests and formulates advanced nutritional supplements that upgrade function across performance-oriented biological pathways.

Feel Younger® formulas feature nutrient combinations that are not seen in any other products on the market.

To ensure that our formulas are empowered to excel, Feel Younger® uses best-in-class ingredients, cutting-edge forms and nutritional breakthroughs – including NutriGenesis® nature-identical vitamin and mineral essentials, standardised botanicals, and many premium branded nutrient forms.

What are Feel Younger® vitamin and mineral essentials?

Feel Younger® developed NutriGenesis® to unlock the full performance-enhancing potential of vitamins and minerals.

Hydroponically grown on cultures in a sterile lab setting, Feel Younger® uses patented technology that replicates nutritional genesis in nature. As a result, Feel Younger® vitamins and minerals are supplied in a matrix of natural cofactors including probiotics, fibre, enzymes and antioxidants that enhance their bioavailability and health-supportive activity.

Beyond their effectiveness, lab-grown Feel Younger® nutrients are safer, cleaner, and more eco-friendly than conventional vitamins and minerals.

NutriGenesis® vitamins and minerals are available exclusively in Feel Younger® formulas.

What are standardised herbs, and why does Feel Younger® use them?

Standardisation is a process where herbs are lab-calibrated to guarantee an exact level of their most active, health-promoting compounds.

Many factors can affect an herb’s potency, such as poor growing seasons, soil quality, time of harvest and environmental toxins. Standardisation ensures that despite these variables, the herb will consistently deliver the exact botanical active ingredients that work best to support health.

Since standardisation supplies customised, precise levels of active compounds, it can also be used to increase an herb’s overall potency and improve an herb’s safety.