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Underweight? How I put on 25lbs+ of muscle in 4 months with no training | Rejuvenate Pod Ep 18

by Krissy Hawkes & Elwin Robinson

Is it possible to gain 12kg (30lbs) of weight, in a few months, without using any steroids, and without doing any resistance training... without gaining any fat?
Common sense might say no. But in this episode Elwin breaks the usual more educational format of this podcast by sharing the results of an experiment he did on himself, and speculates on the various factors that may have made this happen.
Along the way, Krissy and Elwin cover a multitude of topics, and finish with some advice for anyone who is underweight who wants to gain more muscle.

References from this episode:

Bioenergetic Exercises - Devaraj Sandberg -

NutrEval Test -

RP Stress -
RP Hormones -
RP Peptides -
RD Digestion -

Encourages growth of lean muscle mass -  Reduces LDL cholesterol

Makes old muscle feel like new:

One of the only anabolic compounds that doesn’t grow cancer cells too Promotes lipolysis or burning of body fat

Increases positive emotions and prosocial behaviour (ventral vagal?)

Improved sexual intensity and orgasm satisfaction in both partners

Suppressed appetite for weight loss:

Reduces addictive desire:

Anti-inflammatory effect

Reduces pain

Increases feeling of spiritual connection (in men) (heart opening)

If you’d prefer something a little more concise on optimizing digestion, check out Elwin’s article on Digestive Health here:

You can find Elwin’s recommended Digestive Health Supplements here:

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Original Music Composed and Performed by @ChesneyHawkes

Executive Producer - Chad Newman