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Serotonin: does it make you Happy, Narcissistic or....? Feel Good Biochemistry Part 2 | Episode 14

by Krissy Hawkes & Elwin Robinson

In this Episode which became Part 2 in our 'Adjusting Hormones and Neurochemicals to Feel Happy' Series, we discuss Serotonin: Is it really the key to happiness and relaxation, or a stress chemical which can make you feel suicidal or narcissistic?

We explore the options, reflecting on Ray Peat's research into the area of which chemicals keep us young and happy and which ones make us stressed and age prematurely, as well as the potential implications to a spiritual or religious practice.

We end with a review of everything we've covered so far, and how it ties into the Polyvagal theory, as we explore which hormones and chemicals may be responsible for creating the Ventral Vagal, Sympathetic, and Dorsal Vagal Modes of the Central Nervous System, how we can end up feeling bad most of the time, and the best path back to feeling good most of the time.

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