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Ray Peat's most Controversial & Interesting Theories on Health | Rejuvenate Podcast Ep. 26

by Krissy Hawkes & Elwin Robinson

"CICO (calories in calories out) is nonsense. The mere existence of the thyroid disproves it."
"Sugar is the only Superfood"
"All Unsaturated Fats are Unhealthy"
"Healthy gut microbiome is rubbish, there's no such thing"
"Hormone supplementation is required to reach normal levels just 50 years ago"
"Healthy gut microbiome is rubbish, there's no such thing"
"Hard liquor is healthier than beer"
"Salads & vegetables are not health foods"
"Coffee, chocolate, sugar, ice cream are "addictive" because they're good for you"

Dr Ray Peat, a professor who specialized in hormones, had some controversial theories. It's easy to dismiss him if you've never read his work, but does he have a point?

As Dr Peat becomes more well known, embraced by other popular health gurus, Elwin Robinson and Krissy Hawkes discuss if some of his most controversial ideas actually had merit?

References from this episode:

RP - Dr. Platt
RP - Thyroid
RP - Hypoglycemia

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Dr. Ray Peat


Dr, Broda Barnes - Hypothyroidism

Dr Platt - progesterone

The Fiber Menace

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