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Heal gums and teeth naturally | Rejuvenate Podcast Episode 21

by Krissy Hawkes & Elwin Robinson

In this episode, Elwin and Krissy explore the root causes of poor oral health, including gum disease, gingivitis, cavities, tooth erosion and bone loss, and what you can do to get back to having a healthy mouth, no matter where you're starting.
Elwin quickly explains he some early life decisions, including eating sugar and smoking constantly, and never brushing his teeth, left him with poor oral health, and one of the main reasons he turned his life around in his late 20s is because a dentist told him he'd had so much bone loss his teeth would soon start falling 28.

While his teeth are certainly not perfect, and still crowded due to never doing any orthodontic work, he know longer has gum disease, no bleeding or inflammation, no lost teeth, and how he got there.

In this episode we cover:
Why some people never get a cavity despite poor oral hygiene, while others struggle despite rigorous hygiene
The various factors involved, including Genetics, toxins, nutritional deficiency and lifestyle factors
The difference between gingivitis and gum disease and what causes each

Fluoride: good or bad?

The keys to having healthy teeth and gums long term

And more...

References from this episode:

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RP - Thyroid & Adrenals

RP - Metabolism

Bioenergetics #3 Jaw & Neck release


Hanna Somatics

James Nestor - Breathe

Uncle Harry’s Toothpaste

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