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Dr Michael Platt on Adrenaline Dominance, ADHD, Insulin and Progesterone | Rejuvenate Podcast Ep. 23

by Krissy Hawkes & Elwin Robinson

In this episode we're excited to feature Dr Michael Platt, Author of 'Adrenaline Dominance' and 'The Miracle of Bioidentical Hormones', who has a fairly radical and controversial perspective on what is causing a lot of chronic disease in this day and age, and how to fix it.

Modern medicine rejects the idea of 'Adrenal Fatigue', and so does Dr Platt, but he gives an alternative explanation that may make a lot of sense: Adrenaline Dominance.

When you have chronically excessive adrenaline and noradrenaline, health issues are inevitable, it's not a question of IF, but WHEN and WHERE they'll show up.

Some people are more prone to these issues: people with ADHD, which Dr Platt describes as an 'interest disorder' rather than an attention disorder, as people who have it can usually still focus but only if they are genuinely interested.

According to Dr Platt, the solution may be shockingly simple and quick: balance your blood sugar by eating a certain way to lower insulin, and use progesterone to reduce adrenaline...yes, even if you're a man.

This episode is full of interesting information, none of which we can guarantee is accurate, but if you approach with an open mind on this one, you may be richly rewarded.

Please note that when we feature guests, as in this episode, our goal is to have them share what they have to teach us, because it may be helpful and accurate, but that we do not necessarily endorse their perspectives.

We may sometimes have different guests with opposite ideas, and rather than bringing people on just to argue with them, our goal is to encourage them to share their perspective and ask clarifying questions, but it's ultimately up to you to decide what is true and what is relevant for you.

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